EUSST project implementation

In order to establish, operate, and evolve these three functions different project lines have been established:

Service Delivery (1SST) – Based on existing operational national SST assets within the SST Consortium, SST services are provided to registered users via the EUSST Service Provision Portal. This project line is funded by the Galileo and Copernicus programmes.

Networking and Improvement of SST functions (2SST and 3SST) – Focused on consolidating and improve the SST capabilities at European level and the SST functions laid out in the SST Decision. These project lines consist on the networking of national Operations Centres (OCs) and national sensors in a European dimension and on the investigation and planning of the evolution and future performance of the EUSST architecture. These project lines are funded by H2020.

The first phase of the EUSST projects (SST2015) included 3 separate projects (1SST2015, 2SST2015 and 3SST2015) starting from the beginning of 2016 to mid 2017.

The second phase (SST2016-17) includes 2 projects (1SST2016-17 and 2-3SST2016-17), starting in 2017 with varying timescales. In this phase, the 2SST and 3SST have been joined together into a single project line.

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