SST services

Three types of services are provided to users:

  • Conjunction Analysis – assessing the risk of collision between spacecraft or between spacecraft and space debris in order to generate of collision avoidance warnings during all mission phases.
  • Re-Entry Analysis and Information – assessing the risk of uncontrolled re-entry of objects and debris into the Earth’s atmosphere and generates related information including estimation of timeframe and likely location of possible impact.
  • In-orbit Fragmentations – detection and characterisation of in-orbit fragmentations, break-ups or collisions and issues alerts where required.

SST services are provided to registered users on the EUSST Service Provision Portal operated by SatCen as Front Desk and according to the Service Provision Portfolio. The Front Desk allows users to register for SST services, transmits service related information and products through the Service Provision Portal and provides user support through a dedicated Helpdesk.

The users of the SST services set out in the SST Decision are public and private spacecraft operators, public authorities concerned with civil protection, as well as European Union Member States, the European Council and Commission and the EEAS.

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