Key Facts and Figures

  • 5/soon 8 Member States (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, soon to be joined by Poland, Portugal, Romania), with representatives from National Designated Entities and Ministries of Defence and EU SatCen participate in the SST Cooperation
  • Three functions are implemented, as per the SST Decision:
    • Sensor Function
    • Processing Function
    • Service Function


Service Provision Model
EUSST architecture


  • As at the end of 2018, the EUSST sensor network is currently composed of 11 radars, 19 telescopes and 4 laser stations; tasked by the Operation Centres of COO (French Operations Centre), GSSAC (German Space Situational Awareness Centre), ISOC (Italian SST Operational Centre), S3TOC (Spanish SST Operational Centre) and UK SpOC (Space Operations Centre).
  • As of November-2018, 87 user accounts are registered for the EUSST services, corresponding to 47 different organizations from 16 different EU Member States.
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