2nd EU SST Webinar

In the context of the EU Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST) Support Framework, the SST Cooperation organised the online 2nd EU SST Webinar: “Operations in Space Surveillance and Tracking”, which took place on 16 November 2020 from 14:00 to 17:00 hrs. CET.

This webinar presented the EU SST latest developments and how the different Operations Centres and the SST Front Desk are currently working for providing the SST services – Collision Avoidance, Re-entry Analysis, and Fragmentation Analysis. Potential collisions in space, major space objects break-ups and re-entries were presented, and SST experts answered questions from the participants. The webinar included as well the special participation of EUMETSAT, the European Commission, with DG DEFIS and DG ECHO, and the European External Action Service, with the Space Task Force.

More than 450 participants attended the second edition of the EU SST Webinar.

Agenda of the 2nd EU SST Webinar

14h00-14h10: Welcome to the 2nd EU SST Webinar
[Moderator: Mr Oliver Rajan (EU SatCen)]

14h10-14h25: SST Support Framework: Safeguarding European space infrastructure
• Overview, governance model, security relevance and future perspectives
[SST Cooperation Chair: Dr Pascal Faucher (CNES)]

14h25-14h50: EU SST Architecture & Service Provision Model
• Sensors network
• Database and precursor Catalogue
• Services
[SST Technical Chair: Ms María Antonia Ramos Prada (CDTI)]

14h50-15h30: EU SST Operational Collision Avoidance service
• High Interest Events analysis and risk mitigation process
• Portal, metrics and users
[ES and FR Operations Centres: Ms Cristina Pérez (CDTI) and Mr Florian Delmas (CNES)]
[SST Front Desk: Mr João Alves (EU SatCen)]

[EUMETSAT: Mr Pier Luigi Righetti]

15h30-15h40: Break

15h40-16h20: EU SST Operational Fragmentation and Re-entry analysis services
• Fragmentation detection and characterisation process
• Re-entry prediction process
• Portal, metrics and users
[IT Operations Centre: Lt Moreno Peroni (IT MoD) and SST Front Desk: Mr João Alves (EU SatCen)]
[EC – DG ECHO: Mr Juan Escalante]

16h20-16h40: Safety, Security and Sustainability of Outer Space (3SOS)
[EEAS – Space Task Force: Mr Christophe Morand]

16h40-17h00: Concluding remarks by the European Commission
[EC – DG DEFIS: Mr Rodolphe Muñoz]

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