3rd EU SST Webinar

In the context of the EU Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST) Support Framework, the SST Cooperation organised the online 3rd EU SST Webinar: “Building the future of SST”, which took place on 5 October 2021 from 14:00 to 17:00 hrs. CET.

This webinar presented how EU SST is building the future of Space Surveillance and Tracking in the EU through architecture studies, capability development activities and R&D activities. Studies to enhance the EU SST functions (sensor, processing and service provision) were presented, and SST experts answered questions from the participants. The webinar also included the special participation of the European Commission and presentations by space industry partners (Airbus Defence and Space, Fraunhofer FHR, GMV, Indra, OHB, SAFRAN and Share My Space).

500 participants attended the third edition of the EU SST Webinar.

Presentation – download PDF


Agenda of the 3rd EU SST Webinar

14h00-14h10: Welcome to the 3rd EU SST Webinar

14h10-14h30: SST Context
• Introduction
• EU SST overview
• Future trends on SST

14h30-14h55: EU SST Architecture studies

14h55-15h20: EU SST Capability development:
sensor upgrades in the context of EU SST

15h20-15h30: Break

15h30-16h50: EU SST R&D Activities
• Studies on sensors
• Studies on data processing
• Studies on service provision

16h50-17h00: Conclusions and closure

[Moderator: Ms Theodora Filip (SatCen)]

[EC – DG DEFIS: Mr Rodolphe Muñoz]
[SST Cooperation Chair: Dr Pascal Faucher]
[SST Cooperation: Mr Marc Becker]

[SST Cooperation: Dr Emmanuel Delande]

[SST Cooperation: Mr Konrad Bojar]
[Fraunhofer FHR: Mr Christoph Reising]
[Indra: Mr Emilio José Viedma]

[SST Cooperation: Mr Vincent Morand]
[SAFRAN: Mr Baptiste Guillot]
[OHB: Dr Francesco Cerutti]
[GMV: Mr Francisco Javier Simarro]
[Share My Space: Dr Romain Lucken]
[Airbus Defence and Space: Dr Joris Olympio]

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