EU SST organises two industry and start-ups workshops in February

Latest update: 2022-03-08 10:00 UTC+1

We would like to thank all the organisations that have expressed an interest in participating in the workshops. The European Commission has enabled this email address to foster the communication with organisations and allow them to send their proposals for collaboration.

EU Space Surveillance and Tracking, together with the European Commission, organised in February 2022 two workshops with European industry and start-ups as part of an initiative to explore new approaches in building the future of Space Surveillance and Tracking in Europe.

Over 100 participants attended the online workshops. The first workshop took place on 17 February and aimed at exploring how EU SST and European industry and start-ups can strengthen their long-standing collaboration, while the second workshop was held on 24 February and focused on capacity building. Attendees engaged in fruitful discussions around the following topics:

  • accelerate the acquisition of European commercial data for SST operational purposes at competitive costs to support the provision of autonomous and high quality, added value SST services;
  • provide new public SST services in the context of the new EU Space Regulation, leveraging contributions from European industry and start-ups;
  • further collaboration between EU SST, industry and start-ups in three activities: research and development (R&D) on innovative commercial sensors; the possibility that EU SST makes available a public catalogue of space objects and a database of historical SST data for R&D purposes; and how EU SST could act as a catalyst for the emergence and provision of commercial SSA services.

The workshops included presentations by experts from EU SST as well as open discussion to gather the perspective of the participants.

Since its creation, EU SST constantly involves industry and start-ups in activities related to its sensor, processing and service provision functions, with a view of achieving an appropriate level of European autonomy in Space Surveillance and Tracking, as well as to reinforce the role of EU SST as the operational pillar of the EU approach to Space Traffic Management. In this regard, these workshops are a first step towards the establishment of a forum with the objective to intensify the dialogue between EU SST, the European Commission and European industry and start-ups.

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