European MS coming together for SST: the EU SST Governance

The EUSST Support Framework is implemented by the SST Consortium, which represents a first-time European civil-military model that can be used as blueprint for other international programmes. The SST Consortium consisted initially of five EU Member States who are represented through their national entities: France (CNES), Germany (DLR), Italy (ASI), Spain (CDTI), and United Kingdom (UKSA). In 2018, a new Consortium Agreement and Implementing Arrangement have been signed including three more EU Member States and their designated national entities, namely Poland (POLSA), Portugal (GPSST), Romania (ROSA).

The Consortium Agreement stipulates three decision-making bodies that oversee project implementation – the Steering Committee for high-level decisions and liaison with the European Commission; the Technical Committee for analyses and studies; and the Security Committee for data policy issues.

To facilitate service provision, the Consortium and EU SatCen form the so-called SST Cooperation. The responsibilities of the SST Cooperation are described in the Implementing Arrangement, which also foresees the Coordination Committee as the dedicated body to discuss SST Cooperation matters.







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