EUSST Projects

In order to establish, operate, and evolve the three functions, EUSST consists of three incremental projects funded by the Galileo, Copernicus and H2020 programmes (approx. €70M for 2016-2020) and Horizon 2020 (approx. €12M for the first 18 months).

Initial Service Delivery (1SST) – Based on current operational national SST assets within the SST Consortium, early SST services are provided to European users in cooperation with the EU SatCen.

Service Provision (2SST) – To consolidate SST Services, a European SST network is constructed that connects national operations centres (OCs) and national sensors to a front desk function provided by EU SatCen.

Sensor Development (3SST) – To understand the evolution and future performance of EUSST, a roadmap lays out R&D actions for prioritizing, upgrading, and developing new sensor assets (radars, telescopes, laser stations) controlled by the Member States.

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