Collision Avoidance (CA)

  • Provides risk assessment of collision between spacecraft or between spacecraft and space debris, and generates collision avoidance alerts
  • Analyses all the available information in order to detect close approaches with different levels of risk

Re-entry Analysis (RE)

  • Provides risk assessment of uncontrolled re-entry of man-made space objects into the Earth’s atmosphere and generates related information
  • Analyses all the available information regarding the uncontrolled re-entries within 30 days

Fragmentation Analysis (FG)

  • Provides detection and characterisation of in-orbit fragmentations, break-ups or collisions
  • Analyses all the available information (at short, medium and long term) regarding the object(s) involved in the event

SST services are provided upon request to all EU Member States, EU institutions, spacecraft owners and operators, and other public and private entities. Access to the services is free of charge and requires registration in the SST Service Provision Portal. To become a registered user and be able to access one or more SST services, it is necessary to fill in a registration form, upon which the request will follow an approval process.

More than 190 organisations already receive these services and more than 400 satellites are safeguarded from the risk of collision.

Feedback received from these organisations is very positive. In the latest User Feedback Campaign (March 2022), the overall satisfaction score was 8.4 out of 10. Comments received from spacecraft owners and operators praise the tailoring and responsiveness of the services, the expertise of the OCs, the quality of the reports or the support provided by the Front Desk. This feedback is very important to constantly improve the EU SST services.

For a more detailed presentation of the SST services and associated products description, please refer to the Service Portfolio below.

EU SST Service Portfolio – download PDF

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