EU SST confirms re-entry of space object CZ-5B
4 November 2022

EU SST and the U.S. Office of Space Commerce collaborate on SSA data sharing study
5 October 2022

EU SST confirms re-entry of space object CZ-5B
30 July 2022

We need your feedback! Help us improve our communication activities
15 June 2022

EU SST Communication & Coordination Platform now available
13 June 2022

First European Union Industry and Start-ups Forum on STM event in April
20 April 2022

EU SST is the key operational capability for the EU approach to Space Traffic Management
16 February 2022

EU SST organises two industry and start-ups workshops in February
17 January 2022

EU SST supports end-of-life operations for first European weather satellite in polar orbit
2 December 2021

EU SST confirms the fragmentation of space object COSMOS 1408
18 November 2021

EU SST joins Net Zero Space initiative calling for protection of Earth’s orbital environment
12 November 2021

EU SST confirms re-entry of space object CZ-5B R/B
19 May 2021

EU SST ready to be part of the new EU Space Programme
29 April 2021

EU SST confirms no collision between space objects SL-8 R/B and OPS 6182
16 April 2021

EU SST supports Galileo: first collision avoidance manoeuvre for a Galileo spacecraft
23 March 2021

EU SST: a precursor capability for space traffic coordination
22 December 2020

Scientific publications

Recent developments in the implementation of European Space Surveillance & Tracking (EU SST) – Security and data policy
2 May 2021
Becker M., Faucher P., Journal of Space Safety Engineering, Elsevier

European Space Surveillance and Tracking Support Framework
9 October 2020
Peldszus R., Faucher P., Handbook of Space Security, Springer, pp 883-904


23rd AMOS conference, Hawaii
27-30 September 2022
“Design and test of optical surveillance strategies for EU SST network performances studies” – see paper
“Passive Ranging solution design to improve CA services” – see paper
“System approach to analyse the performance of current and future EU Space Surveillance and Tracking system at Service Provision level” – see paper and presentation
Panel “SSA Policy Forum – The European perspective on Space Traffic Management” – watch intervention by Dr Pascal Faucher

73rd International Astronautical Congress, Paris
18-22 September 2022
“An advanced tool to determine the apparent rotation period of a space object from a fusion of measurements” – see paper and presentation
“ATLAS: deployment, control platform and first RSO measurements” – see paper and presentation
“CLOWN: a new tool for cloud detection with an All-Sky camera for optimization of space-debris surveys” – see paper and presentation
“Data fusion of multiple orbital data sources for optimum Collision Avoidance services at EU SST” – see paper
“Design and test of an optical daylight tracking capability for LEO, MEO, GEO” – see paper and presentation
“Developing a data fusion concept for radar and optical ground based SST station” – see paper
“How will COPLA work within EU SST?” – see paper
“Should I stay or should I go? Machine Learning applied to conjunction analysis” – see paper and presentation
“SSA observation campaign of the ELSA-d mission” – see paper and presentation

6th PSSI Space Security Conference, Prague
19-21 June 2022
Panel “Architecture and policies for partner space domain awareness”, with intervention by Dr Pascal Faucher – see photos

SSA Operators’ Workshop, Colorado
1-2 June 2022
“EU SST Collision Avoidance service in real operation scenarios” – see presentation
“CONAN: Conjunction analysis tool for EU SST CA service users” – see presentation

17th Military Space Situational Awareness Conference, London
27 April 2022
“EU Space Surveillance and Tracking: state of play and main developments” – see presentation

3rd IAA Conference on Space Situational Awareness (ICSSA), Madrid
4-6 April 2022
Keynote “EU SST and a closer look to its Collision Avoidance (CA) service” – see presentation
“Coordinated planner algorithms” – see paper and presentation
“CONAN: Conjunction analysis tool for EU SST CA service users” – see paper and presentation
“Strategy for GEO survey and results from NEEMO-T03 telescope in Romania” – see paper and presentation
“The national challenges of Space Surveillance and Tracking’s technological solutions” – see paper and presentation

European Commission and MEP Marian Marinescu event “Building a common EU approach on STM”, Brussels
23 March 2022
Panel “Implementation of the recently published STM Communication” – see presentation

Secure World Foundation and Aerospace Security event “Dancing Lights in Space: How to Manage The Risks of Satellite Close Approaches in Geostationary Orbit”
26 January 2022
Panel “How well can we monitor and characterize close approaches in GEO?” – watch intervention by Marc Becker

14th European Space Conference, Brussels
25 January 2022
Session “Keeping Europe’s space domain operational: STM, SSA/SST”, with intervention by Dr Pascal Faucher – see photos

Ifri’s Conference “Space and Quantum Technologies: What Strategies and Industrial Models for Europe?”, Paris
18 November 2021
Panel “Space security issues” – watch intervention by Dr Pascal Faucher

Paris Peace Forum
12 November 2021
Roundtable “Final frontier, final hide-and-seek: Developing capacities for outer space monitoring and operations” moderated by Marc Becker – watch it here

Space Azores – International Conference On The Strategy Of The Azores For Space
11 November 2021
Panel “The partners’ views” – watch intervention by Céline Bouhey

Cyber and Space Security Conference, Tallinn
10 November 2021
Panel “How to Implement Secure and Interoperable Exchange of SST Data” – watch intervention by Marc Becker

Portugal’s Space Defence Conference
26 October 2021
Roundtable “Space as an Instrument of European Policy” – watch intervention by Marc Becker

72nd International Astronautical Congress, Dubai
25-29 October 2021
“Evaluating the performance of current and future EU Space Surveillance and Tracking system” – see paper
“Resident space object orbit determination using a multireceiver radar system” – see paper

3rd EU SST Webinar: Building the future of SST
5 October 2021
More info and presentation here

22nd AMOS conference, Hawaii
17 September 2021
“System Approach to Analyse the Performance of the EU Space Surveillance and Tracking system” – see paper

16th Military Space Situational Awareness Conference
29 April 2021
“EU Space Surveillance and Tracking: State of play and main developments” – see presentation

8th European Conference on Space Debris
20-23 April 2021
“Machine Learning applied to the optimization of SST sensor tasking” – see paper
“Manoeuvre detection and estimation based on sensor and orbital data” – see paper
“State vector uncertainty and maneuver errors: analysis of the early orbit and station-keeping phases of an electrical satellite” – see paper

Aerospace’s The Space Policy Show
25 February 2021
“Space Security/SSA – A View From Europe” – watch interview with Dr. Regina Peldszus

2nd EU SST Webinar: Operations in Space Surveillance and Tracking
16 November 2020
More info, recorded webinar and presentation here

71st International Astronautical Congress
12 October 2020
“EU Space Surveillance & Tracking – Security and Data Policy” – see paper and presentation
“EU Space Surveillance & Tracking – State of Play & Perspectives” – see paper and presentation

15th Military Space Situational Awareness Conference
4 September 2020
“European Space Surveillance and Tracking” – see presentation

Aerospace IAASS Space Traffic Management Webinar
1 September 2020
“EU Space Surveillance & Tracking – Governance, Operations & Security Perspectives in STM” – see presentation

Safety of Spaceflight: Looking back at the past decade, looking ahead at the next five years, Washington
29 July 2020
Watch panel discussion here

International Symposium on Ensuring Stable Uses of Outer Space 2020, Tokyo
28 February 2020
“EU SST Support Framework – SST in Europe” – see presentation

12th European Space Conference, Brussels
21-22 January 2020

First International Orbital Debris Conference, Texas
9 December 2019
“Operational Space Surveillance and Tracking in Europe” – see paper

1st EUSST Webinar
27 November 2019
More information and the recorded webinar can be found here

International CA Workshop, Paris
26 June 2019

EDA SSA Workshop, Brussels
20 June 2019

15th SMI Military Space Situational Awareness, London
1 April 2019

SSA Operators´ Workshop, Denver
14 November 2018

Space Security in the 2020’s: Transatlantic Perspectives, Brussels
27 November 2018

12th ESPI Autumn Conference, Vienna
27 September 2018
“EU Space Surveillance and Tracking Support Framework – A Consortium of Member States Safeguarding European Infrastructure and Orbital Environment” – see presentation

20th AMOS conference, Hawaii
11 September 2018
“System Level Studies to Design Optical Surveillance Networks in the Frame of the EU SST Support Framework”, see technical paper

Space Security Roundtable, Prague
18 May 2018

6th EU Civil Protection Forum, Brussels
5 May 2018

SMI Military SSA Conference, London
25 April 2018




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